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Find information about basic functionality and how to use the system here.

What is Husishwa?

Husisishwa is a digital platform that is used by all citizens to add their voice into the County Governance Processes. Developed by ADDA with support from Voice Global, the application enables citizens, including those with disabilities respond to participation by making information accessible and enabling citizens to suggest or vote for development ideas.

How to I participate?

You can access most content on this website as a guest. However, to be able to add ideas, comment or vote for ideas you need to register. Registration is easy. head to the register menu, fill in the form and start participating today.

What are notifications?

You can set up notifications during the registration processes or on your profile page. Notifications inform you about events for example when a new idea is posted, when people comment on your idea or even when the administrator add extra information. You receive notifications on SMS and email.

I do not have an email. What should I do?

It is a good thing to have an email. However, if you do not have one but you have a phone, the system can reach you with SMS. You can send a request to email@ke-index.com so that we create an email for you. Simply send us an SMS to 0724848232.